the doctor


I’m sitting behind my sofa lined with remote control on pause,
Like clever gadget to ignite my habit and fool alien race absurd.
While hovering over light and switch supernova there
stands a character unsure,
Of what lies in wait at the ending of fate, and this universal lure.

 With human race friend, poised with hand to lend and weapon of himself,
He’s off to fight darkest war with might, using manner waged in stealth.
Play de-pressed, the credit’s role with zest and the tune we can all relate,
Like blue music box, a childhood piece without lock’s,
that allays our worries to wait. 

Tumbling through, a vortex swirls ensue and we know the ride will be bumpy,
As another world will have problem’s felled by last of his race and our country.
Military eye’s look away in despise, at problems solved without rifle;
Unless slightly austere, like the old brigadier who will find his help insightful

Changing his face when killed after chase, his enemy’s number is many;
For he puts to right their wrongs in-spite and thanks need never give any.
Seeing picture large and next evils barrage,
with screwdriver he’s rather handy;
As companions swoon to the words of his tune and begin to act rather randy.

 He has no time for a womanly rhyme, as at the end of it all sits this rover,
Hair flicking dish with desires as wish must wait till apocalypse is over.
Travelling fond, this strange vagabond will question stated ‘no fixed abode’;
for in his machine that’s adventuring keen, he feels at peace in home rode.

We watch on screen, Doctor beat masters scheme
and we realise his Gallifrey's best.
He’ll run through a quarry without single worry to defeat a monster with zest.
Speeding down corridor that I’ve seen, I’m sure but
who cares for it no longer wobbles.
Must have righted sphere that we hold so dear,
and now Daleks work better on cobbles. 

So 50 years fair from the lantern’s bright glare,
watching actor with job we all envied.
Left his people as foe to a lost long ago and departed
from orange grass scented,
To give us a thrill, once a week horror’s fill and a history lesson to tell;
Showing future to seek that belongs to the meek
whilst making our stratosphere well. 

written by 
copyright 2013